EnvisionRxPlus Silver Prescription Plan for Mississippi Medicare Beneficiaries

EnvisionRxPlus Silver (PDP) Prescription Medication Plan by EnvisionRx Plus for Mississippi Seniors with Medicare Benefits.
Overall Plan Rating:This Medicare drug plan has an average rating of 2.5
Monthly Premium:
Pharmacy Co-Pay:$325.00
Coverage Limit (ICL):$2,970.00
Pharmacy Mail Order:No
Gap Coverage:No Gap Coverage
Low Income Subsidy:Yes
Medicare Formulary:2446
PDP ID No:S7694-020
Plan Year:2013
Approved by CMS for: MS Residents
Rx Plan Type:National
Est. Regional Members:3951

2018 Medicare Prescription Medication Plan Overview

Healthy Mississippi Medicare Part D Plan: EnvisionRxPlus Silver (PDP) S7694-020EnvisionRxPlus Silver (PDP) is an approved Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) for Mississippi seniors.

The annual premium is $410.40 ($34.20 monthly), and it carries a $325.00 deductible on all prescribed medications. For 2013, the maximum Part D deductible is $325. It goes up a little each year. It went up $5 from last year.

The EnvisionRx Plus formulary ID for this plan is 00012376, and it features 2446 FDA approved medications.

For all Mississippi seniors with Medicare benefits, there are two conditions that can change the amount you pay for your plan. The first is quailfying for the Extra Help program, which lowers your premium. The second is the opposite: if a premium penalty has been imposed on you for not enrolling right away at age 65 open enrollment, then your premium will be marginally higher.

Below are a few plans that are comparable to EnvisionRxPlus Silver:

EnvisionRxPlus Silver Initial Coverage

In the ICP (Initial Coverage Phase) the cost of your prescriptions is shared with your insurance company. You and the carrier each pay your share (as determined by the plan) until you reach the Initial Coverage Limit (ICL). In 2013, the ICL is $2,970 and this number changes each year. This plan has a deductible that you must pay before ICP cost-sharing ICP begins.

Each prescription medication is put into a tier within each Medicare Part D plan's drug formulary. Different tiers have different levels of cost-sharing. It's important to note that these tiers are not completely standardiszed and your prescriptions may be found in different tiers on differnt plans. This is why we provide access to all Part D plans' drug formularies, so you can compare what the cost is for your prescription drugs for different Part D plasn in your area.

The pharmacy co-pay with the EnvisionRxPlus Silver (PDP) plan in Mississippi is tiered as follows:

Tier  Co-Pay AmountMedications in Tier
125%554 Preferred Generics
225%1051 Non-Preferred Generics
325%204 Preferred Brands
425%431 Non-Preferred Brands
525%206 Specialty Medications

The Initial Coverage Limit (ICL) is $2,970.00. This drug plan offers the full LIS benefit ($0.00 monthly premium) for seniors with Medicare benefits.

EnvisionRxPlus Silver (PDP) 2013 Coverage Gap

The Coverage Gap (aka, "Donut Hole") is the coverage phase where you must pay all of your medication costs. Some plans provide donut hole coverage, and if you think that your drug costs will be high enough to get to this level, you should consider a plan with donut hole coverage. You can learn more about costs in the donut hole by reading What is the Medicare Part D Donut Hole? How long it will take you to reach the donut hole with the EnvisionRxPlus Silver (PDP) plan depends on your specific prescriptions.

The Gap Coverage with this policy: You must pay the $3727.50.

Plan Members

Nationwide, the number of seniors using the EnvisionRxPlus Silver policy is 297,366. In region 20 (your region) there are approximately 3,951 people with this policy (based on 2011 CMS statistics).

More Information About EnvisionRx Plus

EnvisionRx Plus is a Medicare-approved Prescription Drug Plan that is available in 50 states and the District of Columbia. EnvisionRx Plus is designed to give Medicare beneficiaries access to affordable generic or brand medications you need. This web site will provide you with important information regarding benefits and services, how much you will have to pay out of your own pocket, and other necessary plan requirements which will help you in making an informed decision about your Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.

The summary (overall) rating for this plan is 2.5 out of 5 based on reviews from 3951 user ratings from the previous year. For more information about the review process, visit http://cms.gov.

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