Seniors Resolutions, Are They Being Met 2013?

Medigap Medicare Supplement Insurance PoliciesAs we are approaching the beginning of March, although that doesn’t mean that the time for new beginnings has passed you by.  Revitalize those New Year Resolutions by doing a checkup on how and what you have accomplished.  We are still in the middle of first quarter of 2013.

Top 10 New Years Resolutions Seniors

  1. Become active in fellowshipping with other seniors in your faith
  2. Reach out to other seniors and make new friends
  3. Make time to visit more family and friends
  4. Eat a healthier diet
  5. Do more exercises; join a senior program like silver sneakers
  6. Get a new hobby, learn something new
  7. Help those in need – either loved ones or acquaintances who need that extra hand.
  8. Get organized
  9. Cut-out bad habits such as smoking
  10. Spend less / save more

Own Your Goals

Take ownership of your goals emotionally, mentally, psychologically and physically to make your good intentions into reality.  Let’s plan out how your want to proceed for the remaining 10 months of the year.  By taking the actions below, as an example, will help you set the tone for the rest of the year!

1.  Become Active in fellowshipping with other seniors in your faith

  1. Get to church early and stay a few minutes after to talk to others
  2. Check the bulletin to see if there are any activities you can join
  3. Join a bible group

2.  Get involved in helping out the community

  1. See if there is an active senior community center near you.
  2. Check local hospitals for senior activities that they might put together.
  3. Local Chamber of Commerces have tons of information on what is going on in the community
  4. Check calendars of events on the internet.  Your local city always has what is happening in your area.

3. Do exercises

  1. Go to a gym
  2. Walk around a local park (or mall if you live in a cold area)
  3. Senior swimming at community pool
  4. Community center to see what senior programs they offer

Do an outline like the above for each of your top 10 New Year’s Resolutions, then put them into action as you see below!

Follow Through

Using #3 above we turn your idea into reality.  Always get everything you will need together on Sunday, so it is easier for  you to follow through during the week.

  • What will you do this week?  Swim
  • How many times will you do it? twice
  • When will you do it? At 3:00pm or for those still working, after work.
  • Which days will you do it? Tuesday, and Thursday.

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