The Benefits of Medigap in the ObamaCare era

Medicare Donut Hole GapTurning 65 and eligible for Medicare Part A and Part B?  Medicare A and B covers 80% of total medical expenses.  The remaining 20% of medical expenses are your responsibility.  As you well know, 20% of any rising medical cost in today’s economy can be too much!

Protect yourself and your loved ones by filling in that Gap and building your own umbrella to shield yourself.  Medigap provides you the coverage beyond the original program parameters of Medicare Part A and Part By covering expenses such as deductibles and coinsurance.

There are currently 11 different Medicare supplemental plans. These plans have a different letter to identify each plan such as Plan F, G and C. Seniors often find it very confusing trying to figure out which plan is best for them.

Additionally these plans also cover expenses that will not be met by Medicare Parts A and B.  The intent on Medigap is to assist you by helping in two different ways, therefore finding the right plan is essential in building your health benefits.  First, is to lower your out of pocket expenses and cover many of the incidental costs that are part of your comprehensive health care plan.

The second is to get more health coverage.  For example more at-home services, therapies, traveling coverage in other states as well as foreign travel emergency coverage.

Medigap policies are not part of a managed care program but are Medicare approved insurance plans that are standard throughout all individual private insurance companies.   Medigap plans have been created to address the changing needs of today’s seniors. is not associated with the federal government. All plan information provided on this site is collected from public sources (e.g.,, carrier's website, plan brochures, etc.). Rates shown are for comparison purpose only. Contact your Medicare agent or for a binding quote.