Flu Shot Medicare Coverage

Just before flu season starts, it is time to take your flu shot. The flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from it. Especially for people who are 65 and older that are at high risk of having serious complications from the flu. Did you know that Medicare Covers [...]

Medicare and coronavirus (COVID-19)

One of the most recent media covered outbreaks also known as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating chaos in the health and financial markets. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Department of Health are closely monitoring the outbreak and take measures to stop it from spreading. As of March 4, 2020, 80 cases have [...]

Preventive Services Available from Medicare

Ever heard the expression, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” With some rare exceptions, the medical profession has found that generally, it is far cheaper to prevent an illness than to cure it. Also, if an illness is present, it is usually easier to cure it in its early stages than [...]

Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage Plans

Disadvantages of Medicare Advantage Plans With Original Medicare (Parts A and B and maybe D), you know what you get. Hospitalization is almost free, and you pay 20% of everything else, except for part D drug co-payments. You have to pay an annual deductible, which is small. On the other hand, there is no out-of-pocket [...]

What Doesn’t Medicare Cover

What Doesn’t Medicare Cover? Both Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans cover a lot of treatments and services. But there is also a lot that they don’t cover. For example, neither covers extended stays in a nursing home (that is covered either by Medicaid or a purchased long-term care policy.) And new treatments, drugs, and [...]

All You Need to Know About Medicare Supplement Plans

What Do I Need to Know About Medicare Supplement Plans? Part A (hospital insurance), Part B (doctor’s services) and Part D (prescription drugs) of original Medicare have co payments and deductibles. Deductibles are what you have to pay before Medicare pays anything. Co-payments are what you have to pay for each hospital stay, physician’s service, [...]

What Does Medicare Cover?

Medicare, the Federal program for the aged and disabled and those with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) cover a lot – most “ordinary and medically necessary” treatments, hospital stays, doctor visits, and so on. Parts A and B (Original Medicare”) pays for prescription drugs and nursing home care only in very limited circumstances. (Part D of [...]

Medicare: The Least You Need to Know

Congratulations, you’ve made it to 65! Or sorry, you have been getting Social Security Disability for two years. Either way, you are now eligible for Medicare (usually.) But what exactly are you eligible for? Medicare is a Federal program that provides health care to the aged and disabled and those with End Stage Renal Disease [...]

Medicare Vision Coverage

Loss of vision among the elderly is a growing Medicare health coverage challenge as baby-boomers age and move closer to retirement.  The most common causes of vision loss among the elderly are macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract and diabetic retinopathy. One in three elderly persons has some form of vision-reducing eye disease by the age of 65. [...]

Aligned Back Solves Back Issues for Seniors

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