California Medigap Supplemental Insurance

There are 14 Medigap insurance companies in California. These Medigap supplemental health insurance policies pay coinsurances and deductibles not covered by your Medicare Benefits. Note: The rates shown are base rate samples from within your state. Submit your zip code in the form above to compare free, confidential quotes for an exact monthly premium.


Plan A: $103.74

Plan F: $109.38

Plan A: $88.78

Plan F: $127.68

Plan A: $79.00

Plan F: $117.00

Plan A: $126.50

Plan F: $210.75

Plan A: $98.75

Plan F: $138.03

Plan A: $73.06

Plan F: $121.02

Plan A: $87.00

Plan F: $125.00

Plan A: $104.09

Plan F: $132.72

Plan A: $100.31

Plan F: $139.84

Plan A: $107.72

Plan F: $125.09

Plan A: $94.00

Plan F: $147.00

Plan A: $92.09

Plan F: $127.90

Plan A: $84.27

Plan F: $128.20


Additional Information for California Seniors Interested in Medigap Supplemental Insurance

If you’re not already familiar with Medigap policies in California and how they protect you from medical care liability, please review our Medigap Information page.  To protect seniors, all Medigap policies sold in California are standardized. Medigap & You offers complete information about each type of Medigap policy and the benefits they provide.

Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) Plans in California

If you need more than the coverage provided by basic Medicare Benefits (A & B) but can’t afford the expense of a Medigap plan, consider enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan. We offer a comprehensive catalog of the plans in your area including premiums, benefits insurance company providers, plan ratings and more. Click here to see the Medicare Advantage Plans available in California. Most Medicare Part C plans also include a prescription medication plan as well.

Consider Combining California Medigap Coverage with Part D Medicare Benefits to Cover Prescription Drugs

Medicare and Medigap do not cover the cost of drug prescriptions. It is advisable for most seniors to acquire Part D coverage to subsidize and cover the rising cost of prescription drugs. Click here to see the catalog of Medicare Prescription Plans available in California, including premiums, plan ratings, and coming soon the actual formularies to see which drugs are covered. is not associated with the federal government. All plan information provided on this site is collected from public sources (e.g.,, carrier's website, plan brochures, etc.). Rates shown are for comparison purpose only. Contact your Medicare agent or for a binding quote.