Stomping The Grounds at Capitol Hill for Single Payer System.

Change is the inevitable, however, when change occurs there is a give and take that goes hand in hand.  Some people on capitol hill Monday, February 5, 2013 are wanting a single payer system, so That others can obtain insurance as well.

Single payer system are used in Canada, Australia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Cuba and North Korea.  Single payer system are controlled  by the government can be viewed  and operated in two different ways.  The first method is more like an HMO system where Doctors work for the corporation or in this case the Government.  Medical budgets and plans are initialized and put into place as to what doctors can or can not do.   With a budget requirement hanging over the doctors heads may play a factor in what actual health care you are receiving or not receiving.  Also, healthcare then becomes like operating as a public service, fire departments, community libraries, and other publicly funded services, offered to citizens and legal residents towards providing near-universal care.

The second (as in Canada) is where the government may purchase healthcare services from outside organizations.  This single payer system is still governed by the government and all have to abide by the federal standards of healthcare.  Amazingly, it seems that extraordinary amount of Canadians seem to still cross over to the United States for their health care needs.
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