Hospitals are Charging Medicare Profoundly Different Amounts

Have you ever walked out of a hospital visit with a smile only to look at the medical bill and frown? New data shows that you’re not the only one, and there are some interesting imbalances tilting against you in regards to health care billing and Medicare reimbursements. This data, regarding more than 3,000 hospitals [...]

Medicare Hearing Coverage: Hearing Aids, Auditory Implants and Medicare Coverage Policy

According to a study in a  Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  article from 2012, over 30% of adult older than 65 years sensorineural hearing loss, also called presbycusis and as many as 70% of those older than 85 years found to have it (Ann R. Punnoose, MD; Cassio Lynm, MA; and Robert M. [...]

Medigap Coverage of Pre-Existing Conditions

Medigap protections — or guaranteed issue rights — are rules that require insurance companies to sell you Gap insurance coverage even if you have pre-existing medical conditions. As a general rule you have about 60 calendar days to join a new gap insurance company after you had to drop a previous coverage. Below we have [...] is not associated with the federal government. All plan information provided on this site is collected from public sources (e.g.,, carrier's website, plan brochures, etc.). Rates shown are for comparison purpose only. Contact your Medicare agent or for a binding quote.